With 300 farms in Antrim County, May through December provides everything from berries and cherries to apples and pumpkins. More than just fruit, farmers are some of the most sophisticated and innovative leaders in product development and marketing, and Elk Rapids farmers are helping plow the way in many areas, including: 

* Embracing the cultural shift toward farmland preservation. 
* Expanding new markets and year-round product capabilities. 
* Discovering new uses for products and waste. 

Whether you’re staying in Elk Rapids or just driving through, you won’t get far without passing acres of some of Michigan’s best agriculture. Stop at one of the many road-side stands or visit our weekly Farmers Market at the Chamber of Commerce building. Walk the sunflower fields near Maple Bay or pick your own fruit at one of many u-pick locations. Sample whole fruit right off the tree or enjoy fresh made jams and pies.  
Across Michigan, people are going out of their way to grow, sell, and buy local food. The Elk Rapids area encourages and supports this movement with fresh, local produce around every corner.