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Silly Sister's Pottery

Silly Sister's Pottery

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I like to think that my work brings some small measure of art and pleasure to the everyday life of my customers. It certainly brings art into every day of my own life, both in the doing of it, and in the enjoyment of using my own work.

My product emphasis is on functional ware thrown on the wheel. I strongly believe that pottery should be useful, durable and functional, and that sculptural and decorative details should enhance the work, rather than be an end in itself.

I work with three different mid-range high-fire stoneware clays. All glazes are made ''from scratch'' from basic chemicals. Clays and glazes are lead-free and toxin-free and are food safe.

All pots are individually thrown on the wheel and/or are handbuilt with coils and slabs. Following throwing or handbuilding , the pots are hand-trimmed, assembled as necessary, and finished with carving and attachments. Pots are allowed to dry from 2-3 days to a week or more, depending upon size, and then are bisque-fired in an electric kiln. Pots are then sanded, waxed and glazed. I use various methods of glazing,: dipping, dripping, brushing and spraying. Pots are then fired again, this time to Cone 5-6 in an electric kiln (with many prayers to the kiln gods . ..).

All pots are food safe, ovenproof, and microwavable for rewarming purposes. They make great additions to any kitchen! Some pieces have unique functions -- french butter dishes and chicken roasters, for example, but the separate parts are often useful in other ways as well. Instructions are provided on cards and in my brochure to customers regarding use o


Tidal Bowl
Cutaway Bowl
Chicken Roaster
Pineapple Vase
Set of Dishes (commissioned)
Set of Dishes (Commissioned)
French Butter Keepers
Grapevine Platter
Carved Vessel
Carved Vessel
Carved Vessel
Platter w/ leafy handles
Bowl w/ leaf carving
Woodland Brie Baker
Woodland Rice/Noodle Bowl
Woodland Vase

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