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Bokhara Pet Resort/Dog&Cat Grooming Salon

Bokhara Pet Resort/Dog&Cat Grooming Salon

Animal Professional Services

About Us

Bokhara Pet Resort & Spa is owner-operated by Richard & Shen Smith and family. Bokhara is all about caring for dogs & cats which is simply one of the best jobs in the entire world!

Bokhara Pet Resort & Spa has provided the residents of Grand Traverse, Antrim & Kalkaska Counties with premium pet care services since established in 1973 - our longevity in business certainly speaks for itself as a family owned and operated pet care facility.

?We're Proud of Bokhara's TCL (Tender Loving Care) Activity Program which has provided employment for 500+ teens since the TLC program inception in 1973. Our TLC program has been a 'first employer' for responsible youths in our area. TLC program provides your pet with one-on-one nature walks, hiking, swimming, t-ball, frisbee, hugs-n-cuddles, bedtime stories and so much more while your pet is a Bokhara resort guest.

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