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Marketing Associate

Posted: 06/24/2022

About the job

Marketing Associate

Mission: FirstIgnite is developing the best-in-class software tool in the commercialization and innovation space to bring world-changing research to those capable of driving it forward.

Job Description: At FirstIgnite, we know the key to growth is a high-performing sales team. That’s why we’re seeking a qualified sales development manager to join our team.

Responsibility Statement: Marketing Associate is responsible for delivering new industry conversations of value for every researcher and technology FirstIgnite represents.

FirstIgnite supports researchers capable of changing the world. We’re seeking someone with a track record of exceeding expectations who can take control of all marketing functions for our customers.


  • Executing the entire university research marketing process within the FirstIgnite software, including prospecting, email and phone campaigns across hundreds of technologies.
  • Become our master of email marketing by becoming a student of the game, studying new approaches, implementing them, and learning from the results in order to make improvements.
  • Establish repeatable processes that can be partially automated using FirstIgnite software in order to create audio, video and PDF content for every technology and researcher.
  • Provide quick and actionable feedback to the product development team in order to continuously improve functionality and effectiveness of the FirstIgnite platform.
  • Product Development Feedback: responsible for executing the entire university research marketing process within the FirstIgnite software, providing the development team with actionable feedback to improve functionality and effectiveness.
  • FirstIgnite Marketing: In addition to executing for our customers, the Campaign Success Manager will support internal PR campaigns, branding, website content and other core areas.


  • Background and Education: We’re seeking someone with 0-4 years of sales development or marketing.
  • Mission Oriented: We take our mission seriously. Our leadership team is driven by the understanding that if we do our job successfully, we will play a small part in helping make the world a better place. It’s important our entire team is passionate about the mission.
  • Willingness to Learn: We work with very complex technologies. You do not need to be an expert on any individual technology, but you will constantly be learning enough from our clients in order to share the story of that technology with the world.

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